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*use this option if you have a design that you need to be printed as DTF. Send your image(s) to*

DTF transfers will be ready to press. Pressing is simple. Set your press to 325F and press with medium pressure for about 15-20 seconds. These transfers are COLD PEEL. Which means you have to wait until it is fully cool before you remove the transfer sheet. Once peeled, you’re going to repress the transfer for another 15-20 seconds and voila! Done.

These transfers are not limited to polyester material like sublimation. You can use these transfers on 100% cotton and/or on black material. That’s right, we can print WHITE.
They also offer more reliability than platisol screen prints. These have zero risk on cracking and peeling.

Sizing available is an adult size transfer (8.5 X 11)